The Essentials Bundle

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Get all the essentials you need to keep your skin smooth year-round.

This bundle will equip you with what you need to maintain healthy skin from head to toe!

Dermal Therapy Alpha Hydroxy High Potency Lotion offers effective relief for dry, rough, problem skin, featuring a nourishing 10% Urea and 10% Alpha Hydroxy Acids formula that actively exfoliates, providing youthful, elastic skin, complemented by silk proteins for improved skin tone and a silky, non-greasy feel.

Dermal Therapy Body Wash, a sulfate-free formula, gently cleanses and moisturizes your face and body, leaving your skin refreshed and hydrated; enriched with urea for deep moisture, citric acid (AHA) for gentle exfoliation, and soothing green tea, actively restoring moisture with deep-penetrating effects.

Dermal Therapy Face Care Lotion enhances severely dry skin with its 1% urea formula, boosting moisture retention, revealing younger-looking skin through exfoliation, and offering a silky, smooth, non-greasy feel with silk proteins.

Dermal Therapy Sensitive Skin Care combines allantoin, vitamin E, shea butter, and pure silk proteins to soothe and tone the skin, providing wonderful moisturization, leaving it silky smooth, and non-greasy—a difference you'll truly appreciate.

Dermal Therapy Extra Strength Body Lotion effectively restores moisture with its nourishing 10% urea formula, quickly absorbing to leave your skin silky smooth, deeply penetrated, non-greasy, and fragrance-free, offering relief for dry, rough, and problematic skin.

Dermal Therapy Heel Care effectively moisturizes and exfoliates, targeting thick, callused, severely dry heels and feet with its non-greasy, fragrance-free, deep-penetrating formula, actively restoring moisture.

Dermal Therapy Hand Elbow Knee Cream nourishes and moisturizes dry, rough, and itchy skin through its 15% urea formula, actively restoring moisture, exfoliating with 6% alpha hydroxy acids for youthful, elastic skin, enhanced by silk proteins for a silky, smooth, non-greasy feel, all in a quick-absorbing, fragrance-free, deep-penetrating formula. 

Never tested on animals.

Alpha Hydroxy High Potency Lotion 16 fl oz / 474 mL

Body Wash (16 fl oz / 474 ml)

Face Care Lotion (7 fl oz / 200ml)

Sensitive Skin Lotion (8fl oz / 240 ml)

Body Lotion (8fl oz / 240 ml)

Heel Care Cream (8fl oz / 240 ml)

Hand Elbow & Knee Cream (3.5 fl oz / 240ml)

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Alpha Hydroxy Lotion - Dermal Therapy

Alpha Hydroxy Lotion

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