Psoriasis means that the skin turns over 7 times as fast as normal so cells are shed after only four days, instead of the usual 28. This causes thick plaques to form on top of the skin, particularly at the elbows and knees, the face and scalp develop thick scales, and the nails thicken and grow very fast. So, all treatments for psoriasis are aimed at slowing skin turnover rate to normal.

The most common treatment includes cortisone-type ointments, but continued use can cause irreversible thinning. Doctors prescribe light treatments and drugs that sensitize the skin to sunlight, but they can cause skin cancer, even the deadly melanoma, many years later. For severe psoriasis, doctors use drugs which must be carefully monitored.

Dermal Therapy smoothes and softens through the combined moisturizing action of both urea and alpha-hydroxy acid (lactic acid). This effective lotion helps moisturize skin that has not been successfully treated by other products. 

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