🌟 Crafting Skin Solutions Since 1988 🌟


Our Beginnings

In 1985, a dire situation transformed into a mission to heal. Alan's wife faced a severe infection from a small crack on her dry hand.

Seeking a solution that would heal the infection and wouldn't harm her skin, he uncovered a forgotten discovery – urea. This natural compound, originally discovered in the 1700s, could be used to mend damaged skin.

This revelation led to the birth of Dermal Therapy.

Today, with Alan at the helm and his daughter Heather joining a decade ago, Dermal Therapy continues a 35-year-long journey of healing.

Our Unique Approach

Dermal Therapy stands apart from other skincare products with a commitment to emulate the body's natural moisture balance using ingredients akin to those found in the skin.

And we do it without unwanted scents or the greasy feeling that other lotions often give.

Our creams and lotions blend the power of urea with the expert exfoliation of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and the luxurious touch of pure silk amino acids, resulting in skin that feels velvety smooth.

Why We Love What We Do

At Dermal Therapy, our purpose resonates deeply within us – we are dedicated to aiding you and your struggles with dry, cracked, itchy, and callused skin.

And because healthy skin plays such an important part in the way we feel, we love that our products offer you a chance at a better quality of life.

The core of our mission, to continue crafting effective products that are accessible and affordable to all.

Our goal is, and always will be, to stand as a beacon of hope and innovation. To remain committed to crafting skincare that is not only transformative but also feels like a touch of luxury.

We thank you for your continued support over the past 35 years.

We see our journey as one of healing, growth, and an unyielding dedication to providing skincare solutions that work, and we hope you do too.

Our Timeline:


Conceived from Alan’s passion for solving the serious skin issues suffered by his wife and brother, Dermal Therapy was born through a collaboration between Alan Perlmutter and pharmacist Darryl Chemel.

Darryl meticulously crafted urea formulas to meet the need for non-steroid skincare that genuinely worked. 


Wanting products that felt more like beautiful cosmetics, Dr. Parashu Singh, formerly with Elizabeth Arden and Bayer, refined the formulations, resulting in products that were both effective and luxuriously silky.

Before bringing the formulas to the public, they were tested on many family members and friends and were found to not only help hydrate and treat very dry, cracked, itchy skin but to truly heal damaged skin.

Alan and Darryl incorporated Dermal Therapy and started selling their line of urea skincare products across Canada. All products were (and still are) made near Toronto, Ontario Canada.


Recognizing their importance for diabetic skin, Dermal Therapy products found a home with the Canadian Diabetes Association which started to use and display our products in their office. 



Clinical studies validated the excellent moisturization effect of our products on the stratum corneum. 


Dermal Therapy expanded its presence globally, reaching the USA, Europe, and beyond.

Bayer noticed Dermal Therapy and took over the distribution of our products in Canada, the USA and Italy to complement their Miles Contour Diabetes meters.


Beyond our brand, we began crafting innovative skincare solutions for other international companies.



Dermal Therapy embraced a new chapter, reclaiming control over its distribution channels, and bolstering accessibility. Bayer still represents Dermal Therapy at Costco Canada.


The legacy continues – a family-owned and managed business crafting skincare marvels in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We continue to make products under our own brand and for other national brands.