Our story

How we got our start?

In 1985, Alan's wife was hospitalized because a crack on her dry hand became infected. While researching what product would help her heal without thinning the skin, he learned that from ancient times, healers used urea to treat burns and damaged skin. This led him to create Dermal Therapy in 1988.


Alan owns and runs Dermal Therapy to this day. His eldest daughter, Heather joined the company over a decade ago.


What makes our product unique?

Dermal Therapy’s creams and lotions are unique because they replicate the body’s natural moisturizing system using ingredients similar to those naturally found in the skin. We combine the efficacy of urea with the exfoliating effect of AHAs and pure silk proteins leaving skin feeling silky smooth.


Why we love what we do?

Our mission is to help people heal their dry, cracked, itchy, callused, painful skin, allowing them to live a better quality of life. We are serious about creating products that work at an affordable cost so that anyone can benefit from our high potency treatments.