Scleroderma is a disease characterized by skin that becomes so stiff that it looks and feels like leather, fingers that turn blue and hurt on exposure to cold, a terrible arthritis that freezes and deforms joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments, an esophagus that is so scarred and deformed that swallowing becomes difficult and eventually impossible, heart, lung and kidney scarring that causes heart failure, shortness of breath and kidney failure, low thyroid function, dry vagina and eyes, impotence, calcium deposits under the skin and large blood vessels to become visible on the skin.

The Dermal Therapy Hand Elbow Knee, Finger Care and Heel Care contain significant amounts of urea. Many people with Scleroderma find urea will soften their hard dry skin.

All of our moisturizers containing over 10% urea will be effective at hydrating the dry hard skin associated with Scleroderma.