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Aging Skin

Numerous myths surround aging and skin moisturization, with the primary misconception being that moisturizing entirely prevents wrinkle formation. While there's no miraculous cream for those aged 60 and above that erases all wrinkles, incorporating a skin moisturizer into your daily regimen could contribute to reducing the visibility of wrinkles.
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Aging And Skin Moisturizers 

There are a lot of misconceptions about aging and skin moisturizers. The biggest one is that moisturizing prevents wrinkles from forming.  

And while there isn’t a cream for aging skin over 60 that will magically make all wrinkles disappear, adding a skin moisturizer to your personal care routine may help wrinkles appear less noticeable.  

So why does applying skin cream to aging help make wrinkles less prominent?  

It’s because when you use moisturizer, water gets trapped within the skin, this keeps the skin hydrated and it appears plumped. Plumped skin means less space for wrinkles to take center stage.  

If you want to prevent wrinkles from developing or becoming worse, here are a few tips according to the American Academy of Dermatology Association (AAD): 

  • Protect your skin from the sun – wear sunscreen, cover up with clothing 
  • Stop smoking – it ages the skin 
  • Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet – antioxidants fight free radicals that damage the skin 
  • Clean your skin gently – harsh cleansing can strip the skin of moisture 
  • Avoid alcohol – it dehydrates the skin and makes us look older 
  • Avoid personal skin care products that cause your skin to *sting 
  • Exercise regularly to improve blood circulation – more blood flow, better-looking skin 
  • Wash your skin after excessive sweating – sweat can irritate the skin 
  • Moisturize daily – more water in your skin gives a more youthful appearance  

*Note: If you are prescribed an anti-aging product by a dermatologist, it may sting or burn. This is okay, but let your dermatologist know and you can alter the intensity.   

Beware of Wrinkle-Free Skin Care Promises 

According to Dr. Debra Jailman, an NYC-based board-certified dermatologist, even the best creams for wrinkles can make existing lines appear more pronounced. It’s all about the right ingredients.  

If what you’re using doesn’t have the best balance, it will end up drying your skin and making those fine lines appear like deep engravings on a monument. Add in harsh cleansing agents, such as: 

  • Alpha Hydroxy 
  • Estrogen 
  • Retina-A 

And your skin is now stripped of its natural oils, which in turn, weakens your moisture barrier.  

Want to ensure that your skin is getting the moisture it needs? Try one of our moisturizing personal skin care products below.  

Dermal Therapy Sensitive Skin Care 

Achieve effective results with our Sensitive Skin Care line, a top-notch solution for aging skin. Combining Allantoin, Vitamin E, Shea Butter, and Pure Silk Proteins, this line efficiently addresses dry, irritated skin. It rapidly absorbs, soothes irritation, and maintains optimal moisture levels, ensuring your skin remains plump and rejuvenated.

Dermal Therapy Aging Skin Bundle 

Acquire the comprehensive bundle that fulfills every criterion. As we grow older, medications and treatments essential for our health often lead to dry, itchy skin. Nourish your skin with Dermal Therapy’s Aging Skin Bundle that has deeply penetrating formula, addressing the dryness responsible for emphasizing wrinkles.

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