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TrendHunter: Deeply Moisturizing Skincare Products

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Dermal Therapy is a revolutionary range of deeply moisturizing skincare products. The cosmetic brand is ideal for eczema, diabetes, psoriasis, and other issues resulting in dehydrated skin and skin disorders. Each product harnesses the power of urea, an essential component of the skin's natural moisturizing system.

Made with science-backed ingredients such as silk amino acids and alpha hydroxy acids, the Dermal Therapy range fights against ailments, environmental skin impacts, and aging. Some products include the Heel Care Cream, which features the highest concentration of urea to moisturize callused hands and feet. The brand also offers the Extra Strenght Body Lotion to nourish the body with hydration. Consumers can also shop from the Hand, Elbow, & Knee Cream to heal the skin in those specific areas.

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