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Multiple Sclerosis

People with multiple sclerosis often suffer from severe dry skin. Dermal Therapy’s moisturizers can effectively hydrate skin.

Most doctors feel that multiple sclerosis is caused by a person's immune system attacking his or her own nerve coverings and damaging them.

Multiple sclerosis is a disease in which a previously healthy person may suddenly go blind and then slowly recover their eye sight. Months later, they may become paralyzed on one arm and leg, then recover most of the function. Then they continue to suffer repeated loss of nerve function followed by partial recovery.

The process of damage and recovery is caused by a defect in your immunity. When a germ gets into your body, your immune system produces antibodies that attach to and kill that germ.

Antibodies are not supposed to attack your own body. In multiple sclerosis, the antibodies attack the coverings of your nerves and punch holes in them to cause nerve damage. Then, the nerves heal and are attacked again by your immunity.

All of our products containing over 10% urea will be effective at hydrating the dry hard skin associated with Multiple Sclerosis.

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