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The ichthyoses are a family of genetic skin diseases characterized by dry, thickened and scaling skin. Dermatologists estimate that there are at least twenty varieties of ichthyosis, with a wide range of severity and associated symptoms.

The top layer of skin, called the stratum corneum, is made up of layers of flattened, dead skin cells. In normal skin, the stratum corneum renews itself at a constant rate; the cells on top are shed invisibly as new cells are generated. Ichthyosis can be described as a "traffic jam" of skin cells. The skin's natural shedding process is slowed or inhibited and, in some forms of ichthyosis, the production of skin cells is too rapid.

For more information please contact the Foundation for Ichthyosis & Related Skin Types, Inc. at info@scalyskin.org

While many of the Dermal Therapy moisturizers assist people wth ichthyosis, we specifically formulated the Alpha Hydroxy High Potency Moisturizer for people with ichthyosis.

This non-fragranced lotion feels cosmetically elegant while containing significant amounts (10%) of both urea and lactic acid.

Our use of 10% urea enhances the ability of ichthyotic skin to retain water and 10% lactic acid improves the exfoliation of dead skin. Combined these two ingredients have proved useful for many people suffering from Ichthyosis.

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