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Dry Skin (Xerosis)

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kin becomes dry for many reasons including: low humidity (due to dry outdoor conditions, indoor heaters or air conditioners), exposure to harsh soaps or chemicals, itchy clothing, misusing moisturizers, long and hot showers, medications, malnutrition, aging skin or a variety of other reasons. Dry skin can also be a sign of a skin condition or disease so it is advised to consult your doctor if the dryness is out of the ordinary. Many people with ongoing dry skin without a specific reason.

Dry skin can benefit from our urea based moisturizers. Try one of our Dermal Therapy products to see how it actively restores moisture making your skin look and feel hydrated and silky smooth. Moisturizing daily will help keep your skin looking and feeling healthy and smooth.

In addition to moisturizing with Dermal Therapy moisturizers, drinking plenty of water, avoiding long hot baths or showers and dry environments (i.e central heating and air conditioning), and moisturizing after washing hands and skin are all important steps to keeping your skin hydrated.

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