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Products to Relieve Itching

Itching, whether caused by insect bites, contact dermatitis, allergic reactions, sunburn or dry skin may be soothed with non-prescription topical products such as LESPAIN.

Itching can also be caused by skin diseases, contact irritants, nerve damage, tumor, infection, diabetes or lack of vitamin B12. Often doctors cannot find the exact cause. When more than one person in a family itches, a common cause is scabies, caused by a skin parasite. Consult your doctor for treatment if your itch persists. Preventing exposure to causative substances, such as insects or poison ivy, is the first line of defense. When exposure cannot be avoided, scratching temporality reduces the itch. However; excessive scratching may lead to further tissue damage and greater risk of infection.

Analgesic products such as LESPAIN alleviate some of the causes of itching, including dry skin unresponsive to moisturizing lotions.

Hydrocortisone is a topical corticosteroid and impairs the activity of the itch promoting chemical mediators.

Local analgesics like lidocaine which is used in LESPAIN reduce itching locally by blocking the transmission of nerve impulses.

Antihistamines alone do not relieve all types of itch because mechanisms other than histamine contribute to the sensation. Oral antihistamines may reduce some itching promoted by histamine because of their sedative effect rather than by blocking histamine.

While topical antihistamines produce an immediate inhibition of itch, these preparations frequently produce allergic contact sensitivity. Once this sensitization has occurred, if the antihistamine is taken orally or applied topically again, a widespread systemic eruption can occur. Therefore, antihistamines should be considered only after other treatment modalities have failed.

Another alternative that provides rapid relief of itching, especially for weeping lesions, are wet dressings. A non-irritating cloth dipped in cool water and rung of excess fluid can provide itch and help dry weeping lesions. Sometimes a medicinal agent is added to the solution to treat weeping lesions. A fresh solution should be made up for each subsequent application.

Counterirritants, such as camphor and menthol, may be effective in relieving itch. They work by decreasing the sensation at the skin’s itch receptors by producing a mild local inflammatory reaction at the application site.

Calamine, one of the most traditional treatments for itch, comes as a lotion and is a mixture of zinc and ferrous oxide. Calamine inhibits itch through its cooling and protective actions. The lotion will form a layer on the skin as it dries, and this works to absorb fluids from weeping lesions. It can be applied topically to the affected area as needed. The biggest drawback to using calamine lotion is the color of the lotion that remains on the skin.

LESPAIN®  uses lidocaine which belongs to the family of medicines called local analgesics.

When lidocaine is applied to the skin, it produces pain relief by blocking the signals at the nerve endings.

Apply topical LESPAIN® sparingly for temporary relief from minor pain

Lespain offers soothing itch relief

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